Tulum Tours

Organized tours to Tulum offer an all-inclusive experience of the ruins of the famous walled Mayan city positioned high on a cliff edge above the Mayan Riviera.

With the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sparkling below and a white sandy beach beneath, this majestic city served as the home to nobles and high priests, while lower class people lived around the city in thatched wooden huts. In its original glory, Tulum’s brilliant white buildings were covered in vibrant murals, the remnants of which can still be seen, faded from their original glory.

Features of the All-Inclusive Tulum tours

When you join any of the Tulum ruins tours, you can enjoy the sights without having anything to worry about.

Features include

  • Transportation to the site is provided on all Tulum Mayan ruins tours, so you won’t have to worry about car rental or driving directions.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides explain the sites and answer questions in multiple languages.
  • Enjoy the beach as well as the ruins.
  • The nearby Xel-Ha marine preserve offers the best snorkeling on the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • The all-inclusive price of adventure tours Tulum includes everything from pick-up and transportation, ferry tickets, snorkel gear, lunch and beverages, and guide services to entrance at the sites themselves.
  • Tulum Mexico
    El Castillo looks over the Caribbean at Tulum Mexico. Photo credit: Dennis

    Amazing Sights

    Bring your swimsuit, your camera, your walking sandals, and your sense of adventure. Your day with Tulum tours will provide the fullest day of adventure on your entire vacation, ranging from cultural ruins to stunning beaches to unbeatable marine interactions to some of the finest restaurants on the peninsula. All you need to do is step on the bus ready for adventure.

    After your pick up from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, an air conditioned vehicle will bring you to the towering cliffs of Tulum, where a knowledgeable local guide provides a personal tour. The Tulum ruins tours include all the sites, including the Temple of the Masks, the castle, the temple of the Mayan god Chaac, and the ruins of buildings and murals–as well as the stunning scenic views from the cliff top overlooking the Caribbean.

    These Tulum tours also include a visit to Xel-Ha, and are a mere twenty minutes of air conditioned driving away. Xel-Ha is a naturally existing marine park where the fish of the Caribbean gather as if for your own viewing pleasure. The snorkel equipment is provided as part of the tour.

    The underwater caves, called cenotes, are open to swim through, and the pristine sandy beach invites you for a sunning stretch. For the avid adventurer, take the opportunity to indulge in cliff diving from the stunning cliffs, or take out a bicycle or kayak for an afternoon adventure. Lunch is provided on the tour, along with refreshing beverages and beers, or you can enjoy the services of five star restaurants near Xel-Ha.

    Enjoy the Conveniences

    An all-inclusive Tulum tour day includes the cost of transportation, entrance at Tulum and the guided bilingual tour, the entrance at Xel-Ha and snorkel equipment and beach towels to use while there, lunch and drinks during the day, and a return to your resort town at the end of the day. Putting your adventure day in the hands of the knowledgeable experts means you will be free simply to enjoy the day. From pick-up to drop off, your day’s adventures are orchestrated for you, and all that’s left is for you to enjoy your Tulum experience.

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