Edzna, Mexico

Located in the north of the Mexican state of Campeche, Edzna is a fascinating Mayan city that has a unique combination of styles and features, reflecting its position at a crossroad of trade and cultural influences. Its roof combs and corbeled arches are reminiscent of those at Yaxchilán and Palenque, several buildings are in the Puuc style and the giant stone masks are characteristic of the Petén-style architecture of southern Campeche and northern Guatemala. Located in a very dry area, Edzna also has one of the most sophisticated Mayan systems for channeling and retaining water.

The word Edzná comes from “House of the Itzás” which may suggest that the city was influenced by the Itzá Maya long before they arrived in Chichen Itzá.

The Pirámide de los Cinco Pisos at Edzna.

The Pirámide de los Cinco Pisos at Edzna.

History of Edzna

Edzna was occupied very early, from around 600 BC, but it took until 200 AD before it developed into a major city. It reached its greatest extend in the late Classic period, between 600 and 900, and gradually waning in importance until being all but abandoned in the early 15th century. The decline and eventual abandonment of Edzná still remains a mystery today.

Map of Edzna

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Edzna Highlights

The Great Plaza of Edzna is a spectacular elevated platform, consisting of beautifully preserved structures. The most remarkable building at the plaza is the 102 foot (31 m) Pirámide de los Cinco Pisos (pyramid of the five storeys). The pyramid consists of five levels, terminating in a tiny temple crowned by a roof comb. A grand central staircase of 65 steps rises to the top of the structure providing a great overview of the surroundings.

West of the Great Acropolis, the Puuc-style Plataforma de los Cuchillos (Platform of the Knives) was so named because of a number of flint knives found inside.

On the south side of the Great Plaza is the Small Plaza. It is an elevated platform very similar to the Great Plaza but some of its buildings are probably some of the oldest at Edzna. The Temple of the Relief Stairways is the largest pyramid at this plaza.

Visit Edzna

The ADO bus company offers a circuit of Edzna and several other destinations. Xtampak Tours offers an hourly shuttle service from Campeche to Edzna as well as guided tours to the Mayan ruins.

The entrance fee is M$37.