Mayan Ruins Belize

An overview of the mayan ruins in Belize:

Altun Ha Belize

altun ha

One of the more easily accessible Mayan ruins from Belize City, Altun Ha is a small site featuring two large central plazas surrounded by midsized pyramids.

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caracol belize

Caracol contains the most extensive Mayan ruins in Belize. At its peak, Caracol maintained a population of over 140,000 people through the creation of an immense agricultural field system and through elaborate city planning. It covered an area much larger than present day Belize City.

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Lamanai Belize

lamanai belize

One of the most picturesque Mayan ruins in Belize, Lamanai features three large pyramids, various restored stelae, and open plazas. Since Lamanai was still occupied by the Maya when the Spanish arrived, it is one of the few sites in Belize to preserve its traditional name.

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Xunantunich Mayan Ruins


Xunantunich is a well excavated and easily accessible Mayan site, close to San Ignacio in Belize. The central area is laid around three plazas surrounded by more than 20 structures.

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